Poker Quest is a roguelike playing card deck builder. You draw cards from a standard 52-card deck (Ace, King, Queen, etc.), and you use those cards to activate your equipment.

Controls: Mouse only.

In the world map, make your way to the right.

Combat is turn-based. You start by drawing 2 cards per turn. Your cards are on the left, the enemy’s cards are on the right. To fight, select the playing cards from your hand, and then select the equipment you want to use them in. After you spend your playing cards, end your turn.

Once you get some chips, you want to find shops to spend them in. Otherwise, buy upgrades in the Character screen (be sure to upgrade your card draw!)

Tooltips are everywhere. Read them!

This is a PRE-ALPHA version of the game. It will have some bugs, performance issues, and the graphics are not finished – it is mostly sketch art.


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Game is pretty awesome.  There is a LOT of content, given that it is a pre-alpha.

Needs fullscreen